Rwanda/Ethiopia Winter 2010

This trip radically changed my life our lives. After feeling a deep call to go serve orphans, I learned about a trip to visit Rwanda and Ethiopia. Because we sponsor a little girl in Rwanda through World Vision, it had been a long-standing desire to visit Rwanda, and going to serve in Ethiopia just sounded like fun. I went to serve the orphans in those two countries. I went to love on the fatherless. I went to be Christ to kids. But they gave me a gift.

Those kids turned my world upside-down.

As a result of that trip (and a ton of prayer and fasting), we decided that adoption wasn’t just a good idea, but something that we should move forward with.

As a result of that trip, my heart for the fatherless has just grown. I think about them, I pray for them, and I want to be a change agent for them.

As a result of that trip, I find myself more in-love with a God whose heart breaks for our broken world and who invites us to be His love on earth.

A big thank you to EVERYONE who made this opportunity possible. I know that in this economy, every donation was a sacrifice of love. We continue to pray a blessing for you!
A new opportunity

This trip has opened the doors for me to return to Africa in the winter of 2011!

Some History

In case you are interested in the history of the trip, here are the posts I did leading up to and after the trip:
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Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours


3 thoughts on “Rwanda/Ethiopia Winter 2010

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  2. Catching up on posts that I’ve yet to read since arriving at your blog spot. …..I’m reading through your posts slowly as not to finish too quickly, because it is just that wonderful. 🙂 Like a good book.

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