Child Sponsorship – An Invitation

How We Got Started

A while back, I started feeling an urge to do more for those living in poverty (especially absolute poverty) around the world. My husband and I know that we’re in a small minority in our global community. We own not one, but two cars. We have a house (with heating/air-conditioning). We have a full pantry, and never go hungry. We have clothes. We buy specialty coffees on occasion. We have access to clean water at all points of our day. We both were able to get an education. We both have jobs. We have political and social rights. We benefit from a relatively stable (albeit crazy) government. We live a comfortable existence.

But here’s the truth: Not everyone does. In fact, most of our global population doesn’t live a comfortable existence.

In recognizing this, we felt led to start sponsoring a child through World Vision. We were particularly drawn to World Vision because of their philosophy for development. So for $35 a month, we started sponsoring “F”, a beautiful 12 year-old girl who lives in the southern part of Rwanda.

We could easily spend that $35 each month on Starbucks tall soy chai lattes (a slight addiction of mine). Or on new clothes. We could spend that money to go to a movie, or on new geek gadgets. But all of those things are temporary. They aren’t eternal.

Our Investment

Each month, we send $35 to World Vision to support “F'” and her community. We feel like this is how God would want us to spend our money. That $35 goes to building a community and caring for the “least of these.” Instead of consuming needless calories, or clothes that will wear out, we are investing in the future of a child. It’s $35. To most Americans, that’s really nothing. It doesn’t take much to find that in your budget. (In fact, it feels like God provides that money for us each month.) You give up some comfort each month to make sure that a person around the world can have some necessity.

Because “F” could grow up to be a future leader in Rwanda. She could become a teacher who helps to educate her fellow Rwandans. She could become a doctor who helps find a sustainable, accessible cure for HIV/AIDS, a disease that has ravaged her country. She could become an interpreter who helps mission teams love orphans and share God’s word.

So our $35 a month that we once spent on little things is now a seed to change the world.

No Tears

This post isn’t supposed to be like one of those guilt-inducing commercials about the crying children in Africa. I have to say most of the children I met in Africa, even those living in Korah (one of the poorest communities I have ever been to), are not discontent. They are just kids. Many are beautiful They aren’t wallowing in self-pity. But I can tell you that they want opportunities. They know that education can make a difference. They know what hunger truly feels like. They can tell you about the walk, often the very long walk, for water.

An Invitation

If you are interested in child sponsorship, I happen to be a World Vision Child Ambassador. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about becoming a child sponsor and how you can partner with an awesome organization like World Vision. You can email me at showscarla [at] gmail [dot] com, find me on Facebook, or leave a comment below.


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