Our Story

We’re Evan and Carla.

And here are some not-so-random fact of us.

We were both homeschooled through most of our education.

We should have known each other almost all of our lives, but somehow didn’t really meet until college.

We met in Delaware.

(Yes, the second smallest state.)

We started dating in 2004, but our Facebook status would have read, “It’s complicated.”

Moving Weekend

On August 19, 2005, Carla moved to Massachusetts to start her graduate work.

Carla’s first snow in MA

…And Evan moved to Florida to be a minister of music at a church.

Evan in Florida

We thought it was over. (Somehow, it wasn’t.)
We did a two year LDR [long distance relationship] before Evan popped the question.

Good job buddy!

Carla left a promising academic career, moved to Florida, averted a career in food services to become a grant writer.

(By the way, she’s really good at it.)

On September 29, 2007, we said “I do!”

“I do!”

Now, Evan is working on his degree in networking. Evan got his degree in network administration!

Carla is a Director of Grant Development at a college.

She teaches, too.

We are involved in our church.

We have a little bichon frise named Pippin. (So named because he’s naughty like the hobbit.)

Don’t let him fool you!

We love God and want others to love God too.

We have a heart for the downtrodden and abandoned.

In August 2011, we started our adoption journey from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

And on June 6, 2012, we became a family of three!


2 thoughts on “Our Story

    • Thanks Mark! Nice to “meet” you! The adoption has been awesome – it has strengthened our faith and just shown us God’s heart. Definitely a roller coast ride, but one that we feel blessed to be on! 🙂

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