The Significant

A child of the living God.

A Christ follower.

A girl who’s hopelessly, madly in love with her best friend (who just so happens to also be her husband – score!)

A professional technical writer (of the grant genre), who loves to write about justice, the orphan, and her thoughts on God on her little piece of Internet real estate.

A soon-to-be momma through adoption.

A girl living a call in Isaiah 1:17.

The Trivial

An Philadelphia Eagles fan.

A transplanted Yankee living in the South.

A fan of sushi.

A cheesy music affectionado.

A girl living with a wheat and dairy intolerance (who is still mourning the loss of her favorite food: Pizza).

A girl who is blessed by all that God has placed in her life.



2 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Melinda – Thanks for coming by – sorry the commenting feature wasn’t working on that post.

      I ordered them from wrist-band.com. I had a positive experience with them. You can really customize what you want them to say. Good luck!

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