The First Step

If I had to pick a story from the New Testament that I find myself in repeatedly, it would be the story of when Peter walks on water.

(Not that I have any literal water-walking experiences.)

But I feel like God places me in situations where my next step involves murky, shifting water and a decision to answer the Hand that beckons me to take that faith-filled first step out of the boat. And I often call out to that Hand to say (as if He doesn’t already know), “I’m here in the boat because you can’t sink into wood.” But what we both know is that what I’m really saying is this: I don’t trust You enough for even one step. At least Peter was bold enough to take the first step before he got freak out by the fact that he was walking on water when the wind blew. (Seriously, poor Peter gets beat up over the fact that he got distracted by the wind and the waves, but we forget that the dude represented 8.3% of the 12 disciples willing to step out of the boat at all.)

I can’t even seem to get my foot over the side of the boat. I’m too freaked out by the audacity of what He’s calling to do to even begin to believe that the impossible is possible.

But recently, I’ve been thinking, there must be more than the boat. I’ve been thinking, am I happy in the boat, where it’s safe and sure, but while there’s a “bigger” calling if I could just take that first step? I’ve been thinking, what if the boat not only limits me, it limits God? What if the opportunities were endless if I only took that step? I’ve been thinking, this God has been so faithful to me, given me more grace than I could imagine, why do I think He would call me into the water only to let me drown?

So, I’m praying big. I’m praying to learn number my days so I don’t spend all of them in the boat. I’m praying that my short-sighted vision would be extended from the murky water to only see His hand. And I’m praying for the audacity to believe that the endless possibilities are for me.


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