the lucky ones

When I explain that Ephrem was adopted to inquisitive strangers or new acquaintances I hear the well-meaning phrase, “Oh, he’s so lucky!” Yes, he is blessed to be living in a family rather than an institution, BUT lucky is not the best word to describe the circumstances that brought him to our family.

Do you want to know who really are the “lucky” ones in our family? It’s Evan and me.

We are lucky that God chose us to parent Ephrem. The idea of adoption was so far off our radar as a way to become parents that it is amazing that God brought us here. I would have never had a clue how to ask for this amazing child.

We are lucky that we get to hear his laugh, see his smile, and be on the receiving end of his hugs and kisses. To see how far Ephrem’s come in attachment is a gift. EVERY.DAY.

We are lucky to hear his little voice say “Mommy!” or “Daddy!” when we come in a room. That he recognizes who we are and how much we love him, we are so lucky.

We are lucky to get to experience all that he’s learning about his world. We are so blessed that he loves learning (like us).

We are blessed beyond measure to share our family with this tiny human.

(Photo from Grace E.)


One thought on “the lucky ones

  1. …and because of your blessing, the rest of us are blessed as well. Thank you for following God’s plan.

    Ephrem’s Great-grandma

    Love and blessings!

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