Ephrem loves to look at his book of animals. I would insert a photo or video of him look at this book, but his agent is uncooperative about us taking photos or videos recently. It’s a series of “What EEEZ it?” even if he knows what it is. Which he usually does.

Very cute, nonetheless.

Well, we’ve moved on. We’re now able to make animal noises and identify them.

On the way to school yesterday, our conversation went something like this:

Ephrem: Mooooo! Cow.
Me: Great job!
Ephrem: Baahaha. Seep!
Me: Yay!
Ephrem: fffff. ffff. Gog.
Me: Great! How about “Meow?”
Ephrem: Cat!
Me: Quack, quack.
Ephrem: Guck.
Me: Tweet, tweet.
Ephrem: Bird.
Me: Vrrrrrrrrr [a trunk sound for those of you who were scratching your head at that one]
Ephrem: Eletin…doah [Elephant and Noah…They are side-by-side in a surprising number of pictures about Noah and the ark – who knew?!]

We have since added chicken, rooster, and frog.

I love seeing this boy learn and grow.

iphone 1348


He brings me more joy than I could imagine possible.


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