A quick update on E

Sorry for the previous sappy post. Let’s talk about what you all come here for: Ephrem. Here, in no particular order, is our update on our Little Man.

Since Evan started his job in October, Ephrem has been attending an amazing school in our town. (side note – I prefer to call it “school” rather than daycare because it alleviates my mommy guilt. And speaking of mommy guilt, I need to do a post on that…) When your child ends up spending more of his day with his teachers than with you, you want to find a good place. We are so blessed that we found an amazing school. We have been so happy with how much his teachers are invested in him and love him. He is learning so much and making all sorts of connections.


Also, we get photos of E playing or doing activities throughout the day. Seriously, it makes it much easier to get through the day at work.

He’s been promoted from sleeping in a crib (child containment unit) to sleeping on his mat at school. How cute is this?


In January, we made a quick trip to Savannah to visit a dear friend from Texas who happened to be in town.


Chelsey was on my first trip to Africa and helped me combat missing my husband terribly and has a huge heart for Africa and orphans. She was a big, big supporter during our adoption and it was an honor for us to introduce Ephrem to her. (Unfortunately we failed to get any photos of her with him because he was sleeping when it was picture time.)


She also gave E this shirt – how cute is this? I think I might need to stock up on sizes 3t-5t at the rate Ephrem is growing.


I tried to get him to ride his bike the other day but he really wasn’t interested. He does look cute in this photo though…


Speaking of bikes, I finally got Ephrem a helmet so we could ride the bike trail with him. This is the result. (He was wearing the helmet on the trail — PROMISE!)


We have been working on fine motor skills. We were just working with spoons when I thought he should also have some forks. (excuse the poor quality of this photo. He moves fast and sometimes you just have to capture the moment. )


I’m training him to be a world traveler. Nana V got him his own rolling suitcase to help. Now, just for the time and money to go somewhere fun. (Anyone up for some chipati?)


Ok that’s enough randomness for one post! I’m hoping to be able to post more frequently. Balancing work, family, and everything else is a super challenge.


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