This Christmas

Last year, in between finishing my day job before the holiday, teaching my third class of the semester as an adjunct for two colleges, fundraising for my second mission trip to Africa, packing for said trip to Africa, preparing for the holiday, and doing the paper chase for our adoption, I was mesmerized by this little photo:


I prayed and prayed for him.

Last Christmas, we were waiting.

Christmas 2011

This Christmas, Ephrem is home.20121226-215216.jpg

(It didn’t take him long to get the hang of presents!) My heart is so full. I learned that Christmas is infinitely better with kids of your own.

It was a quiet, beautiful day, and everything I had hope it would be one year ago.

From our family to yours, hope your holiday was full of cheer and love!


One thought on “This Christmas

  1. My heart is full because of what God has done for all three of you – and for all of us who love you. I am so glad to have you and Evan as grandchildren and Ephrem as my great-grandson. You are so right about Christmas being much better when you have children (and grandchildren) and great-grandchildren). Of course Ephrem, being the smart boy that he is, has caught on to the idea of presents. Even better, he is catching on to the real meaning of Christmas. You may have to leave the creche up all year. :-)) What better choice than for him to take the baby Jesus with him (with or without the “cowel”). I couldn’t be happier for all of you.

    Love and blessings, Grandma

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