Sleep update

So one of our biggest challenges with Ephrem was sleep. It wasn’t great. And for the first three months after he came home, it wasn’t happening. So one of Evan’s sisters recommended the Sleep Lady. We figured we had already lost a ton of sleep, so there’s nothing else to lose by giving it a shot. Evan also wanted Ephrem to start learning how to sleep on his own (i.e. without us having to rock him to sleep) before Evan started his full-time job and Ephrem had to go to daycare.

So we tried it.

The Sleep Lady’s method is gradual. You start close to the crib and eventually work your way out of the room. It’s not something that will get instant results, but for our family, with our son’s needs, it was the best approach. And honestly, while it was a process, the change in Ephrem’s sleeping habits were pretty dramatic and noticeable quickly.We have a consistent bedtime routine. We do things in the same order every night. By the time we get to his “night-night” book, he knows it’s about to be time to sleep. And by the time we’re about to put him in the crib, he’s practically jumping in himself.

While he’s not a perfect sleeper (getting him to nap is still a huge challenge), it is an amazing difference.  Most nights, he’s able to lay down and fall asleep without us having to stay in the room with him or even having to rock him to sleep. He’s now sleeping through the night – again, most nights.

He’s still an early riser. I mean, this kid is up by 5:30am and ready to go. There’s no sleeping in for him. This works for our schedule during the week, so we haven’t really tried to correct it. The early rising is a bit inconvenient when we don’t all have to be out the door super early. But at least it works for us five out of seven days of the week.

So if you are interested in an alternative sleep-training method, you should check out Kim West (aka The Sleep Lady). We highly recommend her!


One thought on “Sleep update

  1. I’m so glad this is resolving itself – for all your sakes. I’m for whatever works! :-)) Don’t forget to tell Ephrem “Angel dreams! from Grandma.

    Love and blessings, Grandma

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