Quick update

Okay, so things are little crazy for us – stay tuned for some big announcements!

But since I can’t only post that for a blogpost, here’s what’s been going on:

Ephrem made his first trip to Delaware (with his parents, of course) for my brother’s wedding. It was a quick trip – flight in on Thursday night, flight out Sunday afternoon – but it was incredible to see the people and places I love, and introduce everyone to the Little Man whom I love even more. I also got to eat Maryland crab. Hallelujah.

Ephrem has been talking up a storm. He now says, “NaNA!” (emphatic “banana”), booo (“book”), piyo (“pillow”), Mmmo (“Elmo”), Hiiiiiyyyy (“Hi” with a bit of a southern accent – not sure how that happened so fast, poor kid). He also recognizes repeating parts of a book. For instance, I can quote part of a book and he’ll look at me and then run and get the book. Love that! Of course, we don’t really understandĀ all of what he’s saying. Sometimes we don’t understand him at all. This is when we get the frustrated look and he starts repeating himself and emphasizing whatever he’s saying with his hands.

Poor kiddo also is fighting some sort of allergies. I think he’s allergic to grass, and the pollen in our part of the world is awful, so his little nose is runny. Anyone else out there with toddlers who have allergies? I feel awful that I can’t really do anything for him.

Work for me is busy. Lots of proposal work and technical writing. I hope to establish a new sense of normal between work and family. I don’t feel like there’s any sort of balance and I’m always behind in some respect. If it weren’t for my planning pad, I would be a disaster.

But I’m looking forward to this weekend – a few visitors from PA are headed our way. It promises to be a great time!


4 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. We so enjoyed your visit, too, even if it was short. I can’t wait to hear what’s happening. Give the guys a hug for me and get one for yourself.

    Love and blessings, Grandma

  2. You are the most organized person I know….I do wish there was a way to spend more of your time at home with your family! Unfortunately time passes so quickly little E will be ready for school and you will seem to have more hours (not sure exactly how that happens). Love you all!!

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