Sick Day

Well, it was bound to happen. Sunday night, as I was rocking Little Man to sleep, I felt like he was on fire. I thought he was just overheated from a super-cute but probably weather-inappropriate outfit I had him in (layered…in FL…). But when he woke up an hour later and Evan went to get him, we decided to check his temperature. 101.7. Poor little guy had his first fever!

Somehow, I managed to stay calm and not call the doctor like a complete n00b parent. (Thanks Toddler 411!)

We ended up spending our Labor Day holiday trying to making Ephrem comfortable, which meant watching ‘Mo [Elmo], the squeezable fruits (not much of an appetite), and all the hugs and cuddling he needed.

(Sorry I look like I’m also sick in this photo. I was just being lazy.)

This morning he woke up ready to hit the ground running. Apparently his fever broke sometime over the night. Evan said he was making up for lost time and getting into everything again today. Whew!

“Handle our kiddo’s first sick day without stalking the doctor” parental achievement unlocked!



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