Sweetly Broken

One of the things this season has taught me is to find beauty in brokenness. In our culture we like to present ourselves as together, whole, complete. We don’t need a Savior because we can go buy whatever we “need.” We strive to do it ourselves. We can figure it out, make it happen, have it our way.

Until we get a point where we can’t “buy” it or “fix” it on our own.

In these times recently, I’ve had to find myself on my knees, pleading at the cross. I am learning that I am sweetly broken, broken for the cross, broken for our Savior.

And this is what I’ve found to be the beauty of brokenness: I don’t have a Savior who only accepts me in my brokenness. I have a Savior who longs for me to be restored, to be whole again. He draws me to Him through the power of the cross. My weakness is what causes me to call on my Savior. I long for this place of brokenness because I find myself needing my God more and more. I find myself reaching to touch the hem of His garment for His mercy and grace. My Savior, He invites me. He calls me to come confidently.

I am realizing (yet again) that it’s about Him, not about me, that “I am weak, but He is strong.” I find myself being healed by the love of a Savior and His beautiful cross.


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