One Month-aversary!

Little Man, it’s been one month since we’ve been with each other. I can’t believe that you haven’t always been a part of my life.

Flight from Brussels to Kinshasa


On the plane, so excited to get to meet you!

I don’t have any photos of the first moment I held you, but it was wonderful. We had prayed that you would smile at me and, after a few chugs on your bottle, you took it out of your mouth to smile at me. And my heart was yours.

At a restaurant, the first full day together

In one month, here’s what I’ve learned about you:

1) You will do back-flips for bananas. Okay, not really, but you really, really like banana.

2) You prefer to be held whenever possible, unless there is something intriguing to play with. But mostly, you’d rather be held.

3) You love to clap your hands.

4) You love TV, even though mommy doesn’t let you watch it yet, you will crane your neck to see what’s on a screen in a store, restaurant, or wherever!

5) You have the most adorable giggle in the world.

6) Knocking over towers is something that you will gladly do over and over again.

7) You love to play “Getcha, getcha!” and have mommy and/or daddy chase you around the “loop” (kitchen to the living room).

8) You have charming dimples that make my heart melt, even when you’re being ornery.

9) You like guacamole, but not avocados. You’ll eat the avocados out of guacamole, though.

10) I love you more than I could have possibly imagined or thought possible. (Okay, that last one is sort of about me.)


I can’t imagine me without you. I now know that my heart resides outside my body. It rests with you.

Mommy and Ephrem at the hotel (if I look tired it’s because I am!)


I can’t believe how much you’ve grown since that first day. You’re learning so much (even what “no” means) and getting so big.

I love you with my whole heart, Ephrem. I hope you will know that until forever.


2 thoughts on “One Month-aversary!

  1. “I can’t imagine me without you. I now know that my heart resides outside my body. It rests with you.” Beautiful, Carla. How great is our God!

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