Sleep part 2

When Baby doesn’t sleep, no one – including the dog – sleeps. (though Pippin does better than anyone in the house, he did glare at me around 4am as if so say, won’t you make him sleep? Oh Pippin, if I could…). Fortunately for Pippin, he has the opportunity to take many naps when he isn’t on Snack Patrol. See exhibit A.


Thankfully for Mommy, one of Evan’s hobbies is making delicious coffee. I’m happy to oblige in this hobby for sure. With my handy dandy Contigo tumbler, the coffee stays warm while Little Man is on the move. And is less likely to cause a major spill if and when we want to see what’s in Mommy’s sippy cup. Fortunately for us all, he can’t figure out to push the release to get to the coffee. The last thing the child needs is a stimulant that will impact sleep.


Seriously, sleep is our biggest battle right now. Ephrem has been through so many changes and is still learning to trust us. We are trying to be patient to help him through this process. I have researched helping him sleep, and while all the advice is great, most of it is not really applicable to our specific case (adopted internationally, working through jet lag, etc.). We will get there. it’s a process that takes time.

In the meantime, I’m trying to enjoy all the time I get to cuddle with Little Man. Some day these moments will be gone and I will forgot how sleepy I was at 12a, 2a, 3a, 4a, and 5a, and long to be cuddling with him no matter what.


4 thoughts on “Sleep part 2

  1. To help with the jet lag, spend lots of time outside. A walk around the neighborhood, playing at a park, hanging out in the back yard, whatever. The sunlight helps a lot in the readjustment after travel, especially first thing in the morning (Yes, when you are least excited to get moving and out of the house, and all you want to do is chug coffee!). May also help with wearing him out enough to need some sleep! And beware…he will figure out that release button before you know it…and way too soon! 🙂

  2. Tired, yet “happily tired”……the best kind for a momma. None of my 4 children were great sleepers…always woke every 2 hours first year or two. Maybe some of this was my not trying very hard to avoid the pattern. Your sleepless boy will surely learn to love his zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s in time. I’m glad you are enjoying cuddling in the mean time. 🙂



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