Catching the Z’s

So we are almost one week home. The sleep situation has probably been the most challenging. It was challenging in Africa and, apparently it’s challenging here too. In Africa, Little Man and I had to share a bed. We tried to make a pallet on the floor so he would sleep there (and not kick me in the middle of the night) but he tosses and turns and then sleep crawls. He would wake up to find himself in the middle of the floor and very confused. And crying because he w as confused.

I kept saying, we just need to get him home and then we can work on sleep. Well, he is doing better than Africa. We are down to 1 or 1 1/2 bottles at night compared to at least 3 (and equally as many diaper changes due to all that liquid…). However, sleep in the middle of the night is still tough. He sleeps well for about 5-6 hours and then the waking starts. He’s up around 5:30-6:00, which was his MO in Africa too. He takes a morning nap usually around 9am.

Today he decided to fight on the non-negotiable morning nap. Fight hard. His got an amazingly strong will, which is 1) my mother’s revenge I’m pretty sure, 2) unfortunate because his mother has an equally strong will when not sleep deprived (see point #1), and 3) going to be amazing as he gets older and he needs that strength to do things for God.

During nap time, however, it’s not cool.

We tag teamed nap time and after fussing with me for 15 minutes, Dad came in. (Momma went and stole one of Dad’s choco- banana muffins.) We tried a mini-bottle and Little Man was OUT. Mom was right when she said he needed a nap!


Here’s the thing I realized. So often I fight God on things. I throw my head back and wail. I cry and cry and cry. All along God knows what’s best for His child. I might think I know best and cry to have my way. But when I give him to the God who is above all, who gives good and perfect gifts, there is peace.

I have a feeling parenting is going to be full of these lessons.


2 thoughts on “Catching the Z’s

  1. Yes, I would say parenting is stuffed full of those lessons and the wise woman extracts them and hangs on to them for dear life….they are part of our joy and growing in raising children with our Father holding our hand. šŸ™‚

    Sorry for your sleep loss! and no-doubt tired from traveling. šŸ™‚

    I love his name; Ephrem.


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