Mother’s Day 2012

Dear Baby Shows,

Mother’s Day is today, and although I haven’t met you yet, I celebrate the blessing it is to be your momma. My mom (your Nana in Delaware) recently wrote me a note to tell me that motherhood will be the hardest but most rewarding job in my life. I look forward to hugs, kisses, field trips, non-reptilian pets, trucks, sports games, tumbles, swimming lessons. I don’t look forward to the less glamorous side of motherhood – messy diapers, the stomach bug, discipline, and hurts that mommy just can’t fix – but, to be called a momma, I am willing to do that side, too. You have radically changed my life, and you’re not here yet. I think about you all the time – what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, how you’re growing. I cannot wait for the day I get to hold you in my arms. I love you, Little Man.

But this Sunday, I don’t just celebrate my first Mother’s Day. Nope. I celebrate your birthmother, the woman who has given us you. She has way more strength than I ever could have to decide the best life for you was not with her. She has more strength than I ever could have to believe in the idea of possibility for you. She so much strength to know that your needs are above hers.

So I celebrate her. I cherish her. I want you to know that we love your birthmother for the gift of you. While I may never get to tell her thank you, I hope she knows in her heart that we are forever grateful.

People someday may ask about your “real” mother. I can assure you that we’re both real. You are so loved that you have TWO mothers – the one you gave you life, and the one who gets to raise you.

Nalingi yo, Baby Shows. Always and forever.

Your forever mom ❤


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2012

  1. This was the first thing I read on the dawn of Mother’s Day. The celebration that it is in my own heart & mind, for all the mothers I cherish and admire…
    now, includes you Mama Carla.

    You’ll find your own sweet way in mothering
    with help from ages past
    and encouragement from those God has graciously placed in your path.

    You’re about to know first-hand
    the sweetest earthly gift.

    Joyous, & Blessed
    Mother’s Day Carla!

    {{* *}}

    • Thanks so much Laura! I am surely blessed to have such great mommas to help me find my way :). Happy Mothers’s Day!

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