This Guy

(High cheese factor here…you’ve been warned!)

In 2004, this guy unexpectedly stole my heart.

I had just gotten out of a fairly damaging relationship. I wasn’t looking for Evan. In fact, I was fully expecting him to be my “rebound” and that he would see how broken I was and move on to someone better.

But somehow he loved me for me. Broken pieces and all. And that made me realize what love really is.

Love is feeling safe. Even when you’re a walking disaster. When you’re at the top of your game. When you’re not your best. Or in those very rare moments when you are at your best. I know that he loves me like Paul tells husband to love their wives.

Love is complete. It may be a cheesy line in Jerry MacGuire (“You…complete me.”), but that’s exactly how it is. He makes it all brighter, lovelier, amazing.

Love is waking up each day and thanking God for how richly blessed you are. I can’t imagine being with a person who means more to me. In fact, I can’t remember me without him. I know I’m blessed by a good man who loves God and loves me.

I joke with him all the time that “Mrs.” is so much better than “PhD.” He’s everything I want my life to be. I can’t believe it’s been nearly eight years that we’ve been together. It’s gone by so fast, but I can’t remember not being with him. That’s how it works.

As we prepare for Baby Shows to join us, I know there is no better man to be his father. I pray that Baby Shows grows to be a godly man like his daddy. He has so much to learn from such a wonderful man. How did this girl get so blessed?

Evan Shows, thank you for picking me. I love you forever.


4 thoughts on “This Guy

  1. I don’t like to use overused words but I have to pull one of those out for now and say this post is “awesome”. Your husband must be every so blessed to know these things, and to share them with a blogger audience is generous and inspiring to me.

  2. Carla, I have never met you, but I know Evan from highschool. He was a wonderful guy even back then! Based on what I know about you from this blog, it seems as though he is equally blessed to have you for a wife! Reading about your adoption journey has been very inspiring. I am praying that you will be able to welcome “Baby Shows” home very soon. Do you know how close you are to meeting your financial goals?

    • Hi Melissa! Thanks for your kind words :). We are waiting for our final invoice to come in to know where we stand financially. God has been so faithful to us in this journey so we know we will be fully funded before Baby Shows comes home. 🙂

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