And the wait goes on…

So we’ve completed our Both Hands project. We’ve filled out all the paperwork we can at this stage. We’ve essentially done all we can do right now. Now we get to “sit still.”

And we’re really not sitting still. We need to finish Baby Shows’ room. We need to organize our child-free lives into one that is welcoming for a kiddo and all that a kiddo needs/uses. We are doing stuff to prepare for Baby Shows’ grand arrival. But it doesn’t feel the same as filling out paperwork to get our little one home.

So we wait (mostly) patiently for Baby Shows.

We pray for him.

We know that God is working on his heart as he waits for us.

When I looked at the moon last night, I thought of this song from the movie, An American Tail. (Rather than post squeaky mice, I thought I would use this young lady’s video, though 🙂 ). Sorry for the incredible cheese factor here.

We love you, Baby Shows.


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