Third Day Giveaway!

(If you’re looking for non-giveaway related posts, scroll down. This post will be the “top” post until April 17!)

So, last Monday we received this box…

Evan texts me and says, “You got a package from Third Day.”

Um, what? Third Day? As in these fellows?

I love Third Day and have been a fan since I was about 11, but it’s not like we’re BFFs. Heck, I don’t even know them. The closest I ever got to meeting them was helping set-up a concert at the Electric Factory in Philly in high school.

Knowing that the text was code for “Um, can I open it?” I asked Evan to open it and he texted me a series of photos…

Yes, that’s right. Two t-shirts, a Move Jacket, a hat, drum head, drum sticks, posters, and their newest album (Move, which features the song “Children of God”). Almost all of it is autographed. The approximate retail value (for the items you could purchase) is $187.

And all of this is to help us bring our kiddo home. Because they have a heart for adoption. If you haven’t seen one of the videos from their latest albums, you need to do so before reading the rest of this post.

The Details…

Here’s the deal. We’re going to do another giveaway to help bring home Baby Shows. How does it work? From April 3 through April 17, all you have to do is make a donation toward our adoption*. For every $5, we’ll put your name on the list. So, $10 puts your name on the list twice…$15 puts your name on the list three times….yeah, you get the picture.

Check out the seriously good stuff:

Okay, so this giveaway will be for two (2) weeks, starting April 3 and running through April 17, 11:59pm. We will draw one name and announce it on the blog on April 18. Once I hear back from the giveaway winner, I’ll ship out the box with all their Third Day goodies!

Help us get our baby home and score some fun stuff! Even if you don’t win, you’re helping us make one less orphan out there!

After you donate…post something about this on Twitter, Facebook , and/or your blog and we’ll add your name again to the list. Just be sure to leave a comment with the link to your post about it.

*If you want to be entered, but don’t want to make a donation, just email me at showscarla [at] gmail [dot] com.


Our sincerest appreciation to our friends who pulled this off for us. We are honored and blessed by you!
Thanks especially to Third Day and their management for their generous (and surprise!) donation.


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