Lifesong for Orphans: The Forgotten Initiative

Listen in as Jen Young, Forgotten Advocate, shares the impact one ‘journey bag’ had on a precious foster care child,

“A caseworker called to say thank you for the journey bags we delivered. She described one story of a child that came into care with a sibling from a horrible situation that involved a death of a parent. Caseworkers tried to keep the two brothers together, but could not, which was very difficult for the boys.  The caseworker said that when she gave them a journey bag, their eyes lit up. She expressed how excited they were to have their own bag and the joy it brought the kids really touched the caseworker as well. 

I couldn’t help but tell this caseworker about the 500 bags we received from a church that put each of these bags together.  I told her that while we’re glad the bags are appreciated, needed and useful, God cares about this child and took care of the details. His hand was upon this situation and He knew just what this child needed!”

The “Journey Bag Project” is just one way The Forgotten Initiative, partnering with Lifesong for Orphans, seeks to bring joy and purpose to the foster care community.
To see how you can be involved or to learn more, please visit their website.

Lifesong for Orphans


3 thoughts on “Lifesong for Orphans: The Forgotten Initiative

  1. We live in DeSoto Texas… we just moved here from Colorado and have already established our Church home… but this Church does not have an orphan care ministry. At our prior Church, Abby and I did something similar to this… we received donations from the Church to put together folster bags for new foster children… we want to do it here as well… can we get started with your help?

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