Saturday morning coffee and thoughts

In case you didn’t know, you’re having coffee with me this morning. I treasure the quiet on Saturday mornings (I know I will soon lose them). The pace of Saturday doesn’t involve dumping coffee into a travel mug, but in my favorite blue mug that I got as a high school graduation gift (thanks Liz!). I am sorry that this conversation is only one-sided.

We didn’t expect the adoption to move so quickly. I mean, our agency said that our program is quick. (This is before the program really “blew up”.) I remember the tears I cried last summer, wanting so desperately to be a momma and trying to be content with God’s timing. And now I’m thinking about car seats, crib sheets, bottles, and baby clothes. It officially feels real. We are parents.

It is an odd sensation to miss someone you’ve never met. To think about what Baby Shows will be like – personality, likes, dislikes – knowing that he is halfway around the world and has no idea that we’re coming for him. I pray that God whispers into his little ears that he is no longer fatherless, that he has a momma and a daddy who care for him greatly, who love him and can’t wait to have him home. Forever.

And I stand here intimidated by the last bit of this journey to bring Baby Shows home. But I also stand here knowing that God has gone before us and has ordained our steps. Every single one of them. Intimidated or not, I know that my God is faithful. He is good.

The fact that God allows us to walk this journey, to continue adoption as part of our family story and to entrust us with Baby Shows, is beautiful. We would be foolish to think that this has anything to do with us. It doesn’t.

We serve a God who redeems, and who chooses to make us part of the journey. He uses broken clay to make a beautiful story. A story of redemption. A story about our child.


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