The Great African Zebra Giveaway!

We got some AMAZING news last week. I mean, it’s good. We can’t post it here, but rest assured, it’s some good news.

(Don’t ya hate when someone tells you that they have good news but don’t share it???)

Anyway! We so appreciate the support we’ve received that we’re doing a GIVEAWAY!

This giveaway includes almost $300 worth of items from Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda) and the folks at Dancing Zebras (hence the name “The African Zebra Giveaway”), with TWO Starbucks gift cards to boot! So how does it work?  From January 30 until February 13, all you have to do is make a donation toward our African Adoption*. For every $5, we put your name on the list. So, $10 puts your name on the list twice…$15 puts your name on the list three times….yeah, you get the picture. So let’s check out the goodies…

Handmade Plaque of Africa

African Plaque (Fr: Uganda)

Africa Plaque (fr: Uganda)

This beautiful plaque of the African continent was handmade in Kimpala, Uganda. The plaques were a very popular item and our team scooped up all the shop had. This piece would be a beautiful addition for any family/individual who has a heart for Africa.

Handmade Elephant Salad Tongs

Elephant salad tongs (fr: Kenya)

I picked these up from a large shop overlooking the Great Rift Valley. These beautiful, handmade salad tongs have elephants carved at the top.

Handmade Rwandan Earrings

Braided fabric earrings (Fr: Rwanda)

Magazine bead earrings (fr. Rwanda)

I brought back these two pairs of earrings from my first trip to Africa. They will give any outfit an international flair!

Dancing Zebras Owl Art!

Dancing Zebras - Knob owl wall art

Dancing Zebras - Embroidered Owl wall art

Add a little quirky fun in your home with these cute owl wall art items!

Dancing Zebras Fashion Items

Dancing Zebras decorative hair clip for adults (or dress up for little girls)

Dancing Zebras fabric earrings

Who doesn’t like pretty things? This hair clip and the earrings will make any outfit complete!

Dancing Zebras Gift Tags

Dancing Zebras gift tags

Make a gift a little more festive with these super cute gift tags!

Korah Basket

Handmade basket (Fr: Korah, Ethiopia)

Handmade basket (photo 2)

This beautiful handmade basket is from Korah, Ethiopia and will make a lovely addition to a living room, kitchen, dining room…basically ANYWHERE!

Magazine Necklace & Coin Purse

Magazine bead necklace

Magazine bead purse

Look fashionable with the magazine necklace and cute coin purse! I love my magazine necklaces and wear them all the time!

Handmade Giraffe (fr: Uganda)

Check out the cute handmade giraffe from Uganda! Although he could be mistaken for a zebra in this giveaway!

Ethiopian coffee

Coffee from the country who made it a culture? Need I say more?

$50 Starbucks Gift Card + $25 Starbucks Gift Card!

Speaking of coffee….We’re about to enter the coldest part of the year – make sure you keep warm and have great company with $75 worth of gift cards to Starbucks! Whether you are a fan of a caramel macchiato or a soy chai (my personal fave), this gift card is sure to brighten your day! And the day after that…And the day after that!

Fun, right? If you are interested, donate here:

 If you wish to make a donation by check, you can email me at showscarla [at] gmail [dot] com.

Okay, so this giveaway will be for two (2) weeks, starting January 30 and running through February 13, 11:59pm. I will draw one lucky donor’s name and announce it on the blog on February 14th – Valentine’s Day! Once I hear back from the winner, I’ll ship out the box with all their fun stuff!

Help us get our baby home and score some fun stuff! Even if you don’t win, you’re helping us make one less orphan out there!

After you donate…post something about this on Twitter, Facebook , and/or your blog and we’ll add your name again to the list.  Just be sure to leave a comment with the link to your post about it.

*If you want to be entered, but don’t want to make a donation, just email me at showscarla [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks again to Dancing Zebras for their awesome donations! Check them out on Etsy or Facebook! Thanks also to my dear friend Chelsey for adding to the giveaway!


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