Home sick…

Well, this Yankee has called the South home for about four years and four months now. As much as I  like the beach, our dear friends, sweet tea, and not having to shovel snow, deep down I miss the north. I may have incorporated “y’all” into my vocabulary and evidently picked up a little accent (I blame my place of employment), but sometimes I get this feeling that I miss where I grew up, and it’s especially difficult this time of year. For whatever reason, I want to be up north with the seasons that move the year, and the cities I know, and the family I love. This year, that feeling has been pretty intense.

This Christmas has been wrapped in tragedy and loss for a number of people I know (or know of). It breaks my heart. And makes me want to be able to hug my friends and family in Delaware. But they’re a plane ride away. Sometimes, that’s just too far.

I know “home is where the heart is”. I know that home is being with Evan. I know that I did as much as I could to get away from my childhood home. With my husband  and the adoption, I wouldn’t trade my life in the South for anything in the world right now.

But today, I want home to be there. I want my life to be closer to people I love dearly.

I hope this feeling passes with the holidays.

But until then, I will celebrate where we are planted (and rooted thanks to the housing market – Ha!). God has His reasons we’re here. And I’m sure I’ll remember them when my family reports the first blizzard of the year.


4 thoughts on “Home sick…

  1. …and over the beautiful Pacific ocean
    there is a little grass shack
    with all the island trimmings
    that keeps a piece of my heart.

    I for one, am glad to know you.
    Northern girl meets island girl
    in the south.
    That’s God for ya.

    {{* *}}

  2. I know exactly what you mean. My life has been split almost equally in 3 very different parts of the country, but at this time of the year, I really miss beautiful Virginia. I felt no loss leaving California, but I miss the seasons of Virginia. We were blessed to be able to go back for Christmas last year and experience a white Christmas (the first there in over 60 years), and then I had my fill, we came home, and I realized I love it here in Florida too. It’s hot here more than anything else, but God has brought us here for a reason too.

  3. I am sure you miss “home” but I for one am glad you are here in Calm Post. You and Evan are a blessing to epic and you are an inspiration to me! I am reading ‘Sun Stand Still’ about audacious faith and I cannot stop thinking of you! Your faith, your action says more to me than any book or preacher ever could! You and Evan have influence that you may not even realize. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your actions, thoughts and hopes with us so that we can also celebrate your victories and blessings for having such AuDaCiOuS faith! I am inspired to have such faith about my future dreams as well and take steps trusting that God will provide the solid ground I need to move forward. xoxox

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