Back to Why

This weekend I felt a little discouraged. We’re working really hard for this adoption, and overall everyone is supportive. But then you get that one person who is incredibly judgmental for no apparent reason or otherwise just makes you feel like a weirdo for wanting to adopt rather than give birth. And somehow I let those people get inside my head (“rent-free” as my mom would add) and then I start the questions.

Why are we adopting after all? The process is costly, time-consuming, and not easy for sure. Why not just do things the old fashion way, the way that people are comfortable with, instead of going off the beaten path? Why go through this whole process to get “someone else’s kid”? Why am I making expanding our family so much harder for myself? Why take such a big risk? Why not live comfortably within the bounds of normal?

As I sat waiting for our flight back from visiting family for Thanksgiving, I ran into this quote from Francis Chan,

God put me in Simi Valley, California, to lead a church of comfortable people into lives of risk and adventure. I believe He wants us to love others so much that we go to extremes to help them. I believe He wants us to be known for giving – of our time, our money, and our abilities – to start a movement of “giving” churches. In so doing, we can alleviate the suffering in the world and change the reputation of His bride [the Church] in America. Some people, even some at my church, have told me flat-out, “You’re crazy.” But I can’t imagine devoting my life to a greater vision. (Crazy Love, p.21)

God may not have put us in Simi Valley, or called us to lead a church. But He has called us to live lives of risk and adventure. He wants us to love so extremely that we will sacrifice whatever it takes to bring our someday child home. He wants to alleviate the suffering of at least one orphan in a desperately poor country and make that child ours. So that Baby Shows will no longer be an orphan, but a child of a mother and father. No matter who calls us crazy or otherwise questions us, we keep our eyes on the vision He has granted us. It’s not safe or guaranteed. It’s not normal or “comfortable.” But it’s what He’s asked us to do.

That is why.


4 thoughts on “Back to Why

  1. What a beautiful story! God bless you as you seek to adopt. That’s a wonderful thing and my husband and I are hoping to adopt someday ourselves.

  2. Dear Carla, I am so sorry that hurt entered into a lovely visit with you and Evan. But, I’m equally happy that the Lord brought you back to what He has called you to, and reassured you in that calling. To every thing you have said – Amen and amen! You are called to please Him first, and if others can’t enter in, I am sorry for them.

    Love and blessings, Grandma

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