So before we started the adoption, I hadn’t heard of Katie Davis. Now, I hear about her all the time. If you’re looking to be inspired to do something that is radically obedient to God, you need to read her story. Katie Davis is just 22-years-old and has already lived a bigger life than most people dream to live. She serving in Uganda and she’s simply a woman after God’s heart. It’s truly beautiful.

At 22, most of us were just getting out of college, starting our careers, or living a typical American life. Katie has already been in Uganda for four or five years living a life that is radically different from the one prescribed by the American dream.

She leads an incredible ministry in Uganda (Amazima Ministries),  just released a book (Kisses from Katie), and keeps a personal blog. She was interviewed by Christianity Today. Oh, and she’s a foster/adoptive mom to 13 girls. Check her out! You’ll feel challenged to ask God what obedience to Him looks like for you.


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