Our adoption “store”!

We are pleased to tell you about our adoption “store”! We will be posting information about items that have been donated to us

We are currently selling handmade jewelry. While I’m not all that crafty, our friend from our church, Cara, has so kindly donated a number of her handmade pieces to support our adoption. Thanks Cara! We so appreciate the support. You can check out her stuff on the Adoption Store page. Seriously, go now because the items she donated are beautiful. Here’s a quick preview of my favorite item:

Silver ring bracelet

I’m also selling some of my jewelry that I picked up while traveling through Ethiopia and Rwanda. I love these pieces! Here’s another preview:

Ethiopian bead and silver necklace

I also want to give a quick shout-out to my amazing sister-in-law, Lauren, who took the photos of the jewelry for me. I’ve had these items on my counter for a little over a month. I tried twice to get some good shots to post online on my own to no avail. Lauren, who is a very talented photographer and who takes our family photos for us, was so kind as to help a sister out! She’s AMAZING!

Happy shopping!

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