Ugly Couches

So when I type “ugly” into my internet address bar thingy (I’m sure Evan knows the correct term), this blog’s address comes up. I love following this blog because that momma cracks me up.

Today, I needed to read this post. Because we’re knee deep in paperwork and figuring out how to get a doctor’s evaluation notarized when there’s no notary in the office. And we are getting chest x-rays, and local and state background checks, and letters of intent, and characteristics of children, and filling out applications in another language, and going through each checklist twice or thrice…and…seriously, I need to get some stock in HP’s ink and a paper company. That’s A LOT of printin’.  Honestly, adoption doesn’t feel so exciting right now.

Not an actual picture of our growing paperwork, but it is pretty close!

But then, I stop and think about our little one somewhere in Africa – the whole reason we’re doing all this paperwork and running around – and my heart melts again.

Adoption is exciting.

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