Seven Envelopes

World Vision Sponsorship Envelopes

See those envelopes? Yeah, those envelopes are awesome. Awesome because it means that seven children will now have access to education, food, clean water, and health care through World Vision Child Sponsorship. Those envelopes means that somewhere in my area of the southern US there are families who have taken on an awesome commitment to be a part of those children’s lives, to pray for them, to provide financially for them. Those envelopes mean that these families are being Christ to people they’ve never even met.  For some of those families, they are having to make a sacrifice to send their monthly commitment to World Vision – they’ll stop eating out once a month or give up weekly fancy coffees. But their sacrifice means that a child around the world has access to the basic comforts that we in the US take for granted.

I am so excited for each of these envelopes. They are an answer to my prayers.

So for all the sponsors out there, for those who are just starting with World Vision and for those who already have a child that they sponsor: THANK YOU. We are blessed by your faithfulness to care for the vulnerable of our world. I just want to pray a blessing over you and your sponsored child:

Dear God, Thank you for these individuals, for their hearts for You. God, I thank You that they are an answer to prayer for these children, and that they have answered Your call to us as Christ followers to care for the poor and orphans. I ask that You bless their relationship with their sponsored child and help them to share Your love with them. I pray a blessing over them and the sponsored children – may You continue to grow them in a deeper relationship with You. Thank You, God, for the opportunity to love Your littlest and the least of our world. May we always remember that it’s not about us, but about You. Bless these families and individuals as they journey to be Your hands and feet to the world around us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thank you, sponsors! You are changing the world for each child! I’m so excited for your journey!

If your heart has been tugged about child sponsorship over the last couple weeks, come talk to me at epic next Sunday – I’ll have my table set up for one more week and I still have about 12 children who need a sponsor. You can be an answer to pray for a child!


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