I’m haunted by this quote:

“It is a poverty that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” (Mother Theresa)

This quote haunts me because, honestly, there are a lot of comforts that I take for granted, while a child on the other side of the world suffers hunger and illness, and lacks education and access to clean water. I was shocked when I saw how many children – especially girls – were walking around Rwanda to get clean water. Many times they are walking for hours to fill jerrycans with water so that they can have water for a day. One day. I go over to any faucet in my house (often there’s at least one within ten feet of wherever I am) and get clean water. Like it’s no big deal.

I live in a house that air conditioning and when it broke this summer, we had a technician come out very quickly to fix it. I have a cabinet full ofkitchen gadgets that help me cook (My favorite is the chopper thing that means I don’t lose a fingertip). I use a laptop (rather than a desktop computer) because I can. Before we put ourselves on a strict budget for the adoption, I used to buy clothes very regularly. Just because I wanted something new. I drive a car rather than walking to the grocery store. I buy used to buy Starbucks grande soy chai lattes like some people buy packs of cigarettes. And at $4.50 a pop.

It’s not that we shouldn’t have these things. It’s not that they’re bad. But most people say they can’t help a child around the world because they can’t “afford” it. And I know that in this economy, with folks out of work for months or years, sometimes we can’t really afford it. And I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty. You have to be a wise steward of your finances.

When I was reading Crazy Love two years ago, I came to this question: Is my having a weekly coffee treat worth a child not having access to education, clean water, improved nutrition, and a better life? Because, for me, that was the choice I was making. I was choosing my comfort over making a monthly donation to help the life of a child. Grande soy chai over a child? Really?

And so we looked at our budget and figured out how to squeeze money for child sponsorship through World Vision. Because all of a sudden my priorities were fixed. This passion to support vulnerable children has grown (obviously), but it started with a girl named “F” in Rwanda.

What small sacrifice can you make to help support the life of a child? You don’t have to adopt. For about $1.15 a day ($35 per month), you can bring life and hope to a child in need. Child sponsorship through World Vision provides a child with access to education, health care, improved nutrition, clean water, and supports the development of his or her community. Evan and I love World Vision because they fight the root causes of poverty and injustice in a sustainable manner. This is our mission as Christ followers.

We can fight poverty.
You can be part of that fight.

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