Password Protected

Wait! What happened? Why Can’t I See That Post?

So, we went through our very long, very specific contract yesterday. Unfortunately (and fortunately), our agency has a fairly strict electronic information clause. Prospective adoptive parents (aka PAPs – awful huh?) must be careful all around about the information they post about the process online, especially about the referral (aka the child). Agencies vary to the degree that they require families not to post stuff online. Ours is on the stricter side. While we can keep general information online, any information about the country of origin, specific identifying information about the referral (which is months down the road for us) cannot be posted online. This protects us, the agency, adoption in those countries, and the children most of all. Not everyone thinks international adoption is a good thing, so it’s better to err on the side of caution.

So, to comply with this requirement and not put our adoption in jeopardy, I will password protect some posts. You can get the password by emailing me at Showscarla [at] gmail [dot] com. (Don’t worry – Evan’s not writing the password, so it should be manageable.) I don’t want to preclude anyone from joining our journey or to keep people from missing out on some details, but I don’t want to cause any complications for us or our agency. Information that is about our lives, the adoption process more generally, or about our adoption specifically that can omit identifying information will continue to be posted publicly (no password).

Thanks for understanding!


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