Just a plain envelope

Today, a mail person in Florida is going to pick up a seemingly plain envelope.

Just a standard envelope.

Nothing special. Nothing exciting.

Just envelope from a couple in Florida to an organization in Somewhereville, USA.

But that envelope is hardly plain to us. Nope. It’s got a very special dream in it.

And today, I put that dream in the mail. A dream signed by two people, and sent by a mere $0.44 stamp.

So off it goes and I hold my breath, hoping that this time will be THE time. I’ll (try to) wait patiently through the weekend and into next week as I hope for an email or call from Somewhereville, USA saying that the dream has arrived at their office and that they look forward to working with us. And those three months of waiting will feel like nothing at the sound of those words.

I’m optimistically setting my feet into the blocks.


One thought on “Just a plain envelope

  1. And, they’re off, angels leading the way and guarding in the rear. Thank You, Father! We put our trust in You. Your promises are “yes” and “Amen” to us and Your Word never returns void. :-))

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