Before the race

There are days that I want to run ahead. I see our good promise, and I just want to sprint toward it with all that I have. There are days that this meandering pace leaves me wandering through wondering, through apprehension, through impatience.

But like a runner preparing for a race, I pace about anxiously. I stretch. I hop and jump. I swing my arms. I do little warm-up in-pace runs. I smile at my Coach. I look at the track, envisioning each step, keeping my pace. I dream of feeling the ribbon break at my waist.

I’m eager to put my feet in the blocks.

To kneel in the starting position.

To take the deep breath, with heart thump, thump, thumping.

To hear that starting gun shot.


Time to go.

Time to run the race.

I know it’s coming soon. And it might be more like a sprint than a marathon now, but I’m ready.

Just say the word.

I’ll go.


2 thoughts on “Before the race

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