Sunday Morning Coffee, August 7

I love my Sunday morning cup of coffee best. I know that I (or Evan) don’t make it differently. We don’t have a special Sunday morning blend. But there’s something about my cup of coffee on the Sabbath. A day of rest.

I enjoy it because I’m not dumping it into a travel mug to take to work.

I enjoy it because I can savor it.

I enjoy it because I’m not hurrying through it so I can start work.

Sunday morning coffee is an opportunity to just sit. Peruse the web. Blog. Read. Think. Ponder. Pray.

All without rushing.

And here is what I came across as I sipped my coffee this morning in one of my favorite books of poetry, Poems for a Good & Happy Life by Myrna Reid Grant.

To the Holy Spirit

O Thou, far off and here, whole and broken,
Who in necessity and in bounty wait,
Whose truth is light and dark, mute though spoken,
By Thy wide grace show me Thy narrow gate.

-Wendell Berry

I feel like I’ve been saying this prayer for about six months. I long to know the Holy Spirit, though I am honestly confounded by Who He is in our lives. God but my present Helper. Here but beyond my comprehension. Loved and ignored by our faith. As if my human mind can wrap itself around the formality and the intimacy of this God I serve.

The Holy Spirit Himself reminds me that I am small and insignificant but empowered by to live bigger and bolder than I am entitled to do by my mere existence.

Because on my own I would naturally walk to the wider gate. But This God calls me to the narrow one, and moves me toward it.


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