An Anniversary of the Rest of My Life

Last year we had the opportunity to go to IDEAfarm led by Broken Voices. We spent four days seeking God, learning about ourselves (DISC, Strengths Finders, Life Maps), and hearing some amazing folks speak wisdom into our lives. It’s simply incredible what happens when you’re silent and let God have room to speak, He takes you up on the opportunity.

A Fish named Idea Farm

We went with expectations of what God would say or do. He blew those expectations out of the water. We knew He would speak to us; I don’t know that we expected what He spoke to us. And, honestly, I went to support Evan. I had no idea that God would turn my world upside down too. But by the end of the first session I knew that I wouldn’t leave this weekend the same.

While I’m still mulling over some of the things He spoke to us, let’s review what has changed:

A close call for my first international mission trip to Rwanda/Ethiopia

A friend from Rwanda

A friend from Ethiopia

After the gleaning with Epic

The things you will do for (future) kid…

Created...a new form but still here

Going back to Africa...and continuing a call

As we’re about to go back to that special place (for the alumni event and then to serve the new “farmers”), I’m really hoping that God will speak again, even if it’s only to confirm what we know in our hearts. I don’t think that there’s anything magical in Jackson, Georgia, but I do think we finally unplug and let ourselves be quiet long enough for that still-soft Voice to be heard.


2 thoughts on “An Anniversary of the Rest of My Life

  1. Dear Carla, You have reminded us of some the things the Lord has done in your life, but I know He has done even more in your llife and Evan’s life. I pray He continues to draw you both to Himself and I know He will fulfill all His promises to you. You’ve seen only a tiny picture of the call on your lives. I can’t wait to see what happens as He opens the many windows and doors ahead. Love and blessings!

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