Supporting Adoption & Looking Good Doing It!

Thanks to so many people for supporting us, we are well on our way with our adoption fund! We want to share with you another way that you can help us with the adoption and look good doing it! One of my teammates from my upcoming Africa trip (winter 2011/2012)  helps families fundraise for their adoption. She sells Simply Love items via her blog and has some great stuff. (If you were at the yard sale last Saturday, you saw me sporting one of the shirts. Evan wore his Man Up for the Fatherless on Sunday.) She has so graciously offered to help us by selling Simply Love items to benefit our adoption! Here’s some of the stuff she’s featuring:

Simply Love Totes

Simply Love Hat

Ladies Tshirt

Guys Tshirt

So if you’re in the market for a new shirt, a fashionable but functional tote, or a cute hat, check her blog out! You can find the details there.

(You’ll need a Paypal account to purchase – it’s free to sign up!)

Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Supporting Adoption & Looking Good Doing It!

  1. If you don’t have a Paypal account and creating one is too frustrating…no problem. We can work out a personal check to me or some other creative way to get you what you want and help bring little Shows home!

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