Thanks just isn’t enough

So, if you didn’t see it on Facebook, the yard sale was a huge success. We know this has nothing to do with us, but it has everything to do with our awesome friends and family. (Okay, and a Tux the Penguin suit which may have garnered a little a lot of attention in Palm Coast.)

We wanted to personally thank everyone for their support, so we put together a little video. If you donated something, shared the Facebook event, helped sort and price items, volunteered to help at the yard sale, or came by to buy something, THANK YOU!


3 thoughts on “Thanks just isn’t enough

  1. THANK YOU BOTH!!! But- we aren’t done yet!!! Thank you for the blessing of being able to watch, and sometimes be involved, in your journey of love for Baby Shows!!

    • Thank you for the blessing! You are a blessing to us….we loved being able to help in a small way! God Bless! We will keep praying for you!

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