Your Story

Dear Baby Shows,

Someday you’ll ask about your story. You’ll ask how we came to call you ours. I won’t be able to tell you that I carried you in my belly. I won’t be able to tell you that I craved pickles and ice cream and made your Dad run out the store at all hours of the night to get food for me. I won’t be able to tell you about your first hours of life. That won’t be part of the story that we know.

But your story is beautiful. It’s beautiful because so many people have made your story possible. See, before we even know your name, before we’ve even seen your face, we’ve been working to bring you home. And not just us, but our friends and family too. They have given sacrificially. They have given their time, their resources, and their money to help us get you home. We are so blessed that we have so many people who are part of your story.

Your story has the fingerprints of God through the love and kindness of our circle of friends and our amazing family. Baby Shows, know that you are loved. You loved by a whole lot of people. You are loved by your parents, by our families, and by our friends. They are eagerly awaiting (with us!) to know all about you. Most of all, you are loved by God. I hope you will always know that.

This is your story. It’s a story about a community carrying you – not in a traditional sense, but together, with us, in sharing the journey. It’s a story of ransom and redemption. This beautiful story is yours.


Your (someday) Mom


5 thoughts on “Your Story

  1. Beautiful Carla! When he comes, he is going to be overwhelmed at the love and care he is going to receive from both you and Evan. We are very excited for him to come and join us. Thank you for allowing us opportunities to wait and work with you! He is definitely a child who is already being “raised by a village”.

    Love you, sweet daughter-

  2. Thanks Sylvia! I love that our child’s story has a little bit of our entire lives (family and friends) in it. It’s a testimony to what our faith really can look like :-). I never realized that this journey would be such a blessing for me.

  3. Beautiful Carla…..what a sweet, sweet letter to Baby Shows…..we all can’t wait to meet the little addition that will brighten all of our lives!! Love, Debbie

  4. Carla, your writing always touches me and someday it will touch your baby. The story of the journey you and Evan are on, will be priceless as yuor child grows. Who knows, someday it may be a book to be shared with others. Love and blessings!

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