Gratitude #1

Even though we’re just starting our adoption process, we’ve already learned a lot about God. It’s been exciting to see God in these new ways. I think we so often forget the magnitude of love God has for us. But when we get to experience it, it’s baffling really. And mind-blowing. And world-stopping. It’s simply beautiful.

One of the things we’ve learned is that God provides. He provides in big ways. He provides in little ways. Every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17). This is a consistent characteristic of God. We know it well.

But it’s not like these gifts mysteriously appear on our doorsteps, and we want to recognize that. Usually God gives through people who have open hands. It may be through talents, or time, or financially, but we have received God’s good gifts because so many of our friends and family are AWESOME. We would be remiss if we failed to acknowledge the kindness of so many people.

Just a little thanks!

So we want to stop and say THANKS. Because without our friends and family, this whole deal would be so much harder.

The first big confirmation about our decision to adopt came from someone who gave sacrificially. This big gift helped us to move forward, even when we were incredibly overwhelmed by the enormity of the process that was unfolding in front of us. We will forever be grateful for that gift, and to the givers! THANK YOU!

When I was feeling discouraged about the process (and some bumps we had hit), I had a friend mail me a pendant to “give me something to hold on to” when the going gets tough. THANK YOU!

Holding Africa in my heart

We had someone sneak a card with another sacrificial gift in with a bag of black jelly beans to support our adoption (I was so excited about the black jelly beans that I didn’t notice the card until we got home!). THANK YOU.

The black jelly beans don't technically support the adoption, but they make me feel happy.

Our neighbor’s eight year-olds donated their old bikes to our yard sale. THANK YOU!

The twins' bikes - now helping to bring our child home!

Folks have been offering donations left and right for the yard sale – we’ve been so blessed by your kindness! We’ve had friends of Evan’s family (who haven’t even met Carla) donate stuff, coworkers pledge to bring in yard sale items, and friends who are willing to look through their stuff to see what they might want to get rid of. This is promising to be a big yard sale, so THANK YOU!

We’ve had friends offer to keep coin jars for Baby Shows! (And we know how much coins add up during this type of economy!) We’ve even had one young lady actively search through rooms, oys, laundry, and her family’s vehicles for coins  and found more than $8 to support us! Wow! THANK YOU!

For all the kind words, the prayers, the “yays!”, the little things, the big things, the seemingly insignificant support – THANK YOU!

Recognizing when you’re blessed is an important part of life. We knew it before, but now we have example after example after example. We are so truly blessed; blessed by our friends, our family, and our God. Thank you for your support and kindness. We will be forever grateful.

Thank you!


One thought on “Gratitude #1

  1. The faithfulness and love of God are beyond compare. Imagine how much He cares for the orphans. I pray the the Lord comtinues to bless and encourage you.
    Love and blessings!

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