Priceless Pennies

Since we started saving for our adoption, we’ve been cognizant of every dollar we spend now because each dollar has the potential to contribute to the process of bringing our child home. It’s easier to give up lunches out (not that we did that very often before…) or movies at the theater (which now require the donation of a limb for admission) when there’s such a big goal in mind.

Two days a go, I found a penny in a parking lot. When I was a kid, this was a huge find and I would be very excited. Of course, a dime or a quarter was the big time, but hey, a penny is 1/100 of a dollar and I was cool with that. As I’ve gotten older, started getting a real paycheck, random pennies on the ground don’t seem worth my time. They’re dirty. They’re not worth anything these days. (I mean, really! What can you buy for a penny???) Most people throw away their change, especially pennies. I didn’t really blame them. It wasn’t even worth the calories I would burn to pick up the coin.

But now, now that a penny contributes to our adoption fund, I’ll pick it up. If I see that copper flashing in the sun, I’ll stop and grab it. In fact, my coin jar has a new and very special purpose. It’s not just a place where we dump our coins so they’re out of our way. It now contributes (even in the smallest way) to bringing our child home.

Suddenly, those pennies are priceless!

Not my actual jar of pennies - but a similar one!

If you don’t share my newly found (or re-found) affinity for small change, and would rather throw away your coins, let me offer to help! If you’re willing to keep a jar on your counter (or in your car if you drive around) for your small change that you would normally trash or otherwise not keep, I’ll provide a jar that you can use to collect those coins and contribute to our adoption fund. It may seem like an insignificant contribution to you, but believe me, we will consider it an eternal contribution to our family.


One thought on “Priceless Pennies

  1. I already have a little ceramic sewing machine that Liz gave me years ago that I put pennies and nickels in and use for special offerings, missionaries, etc. I think Baby Shows will now get those nickels and pennies, and maybe a few dimes and quarters as well. I pray blessings on all the others who save their change for Baby Shows. I know the Lord will grant your hearts desires. Love and blessings!

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