Beginning the Process

I’m not sure how to begin to process all that I saw, heard, smelled, and felt while in Africa. I am currently feeling out of place – I have no sense of time or location. Obviously, that’s due to travel and jet lag. I felt out-of-body as I drove to get fish for dinner. I was in my two-year old car, driving (safely) to Publix to pick up my food. Because it’s just that easy for me. I got a little angry about how easy it was for me, when I know the kids that I met in Rwanda and Ethiopia don’t have it so easy. And I’m not sure what to do with that.

I knew I would struggle with the feelings of injustice. Simply because I was born an American, I’m richer than so much of our global community. There’s no “fair” in that. It just is. I don’t think that functioning in this incredible weight of guilt is helpful, but what do you do with the fact that you have more simply because you were born in this country and not that country?

I suppose this isn’t the way to start of my first post after going to Africa. I am eternally grateful for having been there. I can’t even put into words how amazing it was. The experiences I had in Rwanda and Ethiopia have changed me. There were some hard moments and God wrecked my heart, but even in those moments I could hear His soft voice saying, “I have a plan…”

Even as I prepared for this trip, I started seeing God’s overwhelming faithfulness. He is faithful because that is who He is. God never slumbers, the Maker of heaven and earth does not fail to remember His children – all of them. God created a plan for each child I met. He knows their names, the hairs on their heads, and knows their thoughts before they think them. This is our God.

So the injustice of our broken world has consumed my thoughts this morning, but I am trying to remember the faithfulness of our God and how He does have a plan for each of His children.

I hope that I’ll get to share about some of the kids I met in my two weeks in Africa. I am simply in love with Rwanda and Ethiopia and can’t wait to see my new friends again.


2 thoughts on “Beginning the Process

  1. Welcome back! Thank you for blessing us with your reports. I thank the Lord for answering our prayers for you. Having done short term teacher training in Jamaica and Egypt, I certainly identify with your deep feelings about the vast differencess in our broken world. I keep thinking, Oh the waste! How careless we are with our resources when others treasure our castoffs. The Lord led you there for a purpose. I will continue to pray for you as He unfolds it, and may your love overflow in unexpected expression!

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