Miracles…or everyday things that God has under control

On December 6, I got a terrible letter from the State Department. I needed to send in new photos or the passport wasn’t going to be processed. Mind you, the passport application had been there since late August/early September. And I only had 20 days to get it back so that I could go to Africa.

So I put a prayer request out to everyone I could: On my blog, via email, via IM, via Facebook. I spammed everyone.

We decided to pay the expedited fees and overnight the new photos to the passport processing center in New Hampshire. I was trying very hard not to stalk the State Department passport status Web page, but yesterday I just thought I would check:

Thank you for submitting your application for a U.S. passport book!

We have finished processing your passport,and it has been mailed to you using overnight delivery.

You should receive your passport on or about 12/12/2010.

So I know I should not be surprised. This is, after all, the God that we serve. He’s in the faithfulness business. He takes care of His children. He told me to go to Africa. He was going to make a way. A silly government bureaucracy wasn’t going to interfere with an obedient answer to the call to go.

So to everyone who petitioned heaven on my behalf – THANK YOU. Your prayers were effective! It’s on its way and I feel very peaceful about it all. (So much peace that I’m actually letting myself get excited about the trip. Ask my husband who has to deal with the random outburst, “Evan! I’m going to AFRICA!”)

Your continued prayers for our trip are appreciated. It’s fairly clear to me that “someone” doesn’t want us to go. We have created ministry teams and are trying to gather the materials and supplies to bless the socks off of these kids. We’re also trying to collect items that the orphanages need for the kids. Pray that we get all that we need to minister to not only the kids, but to the adults who run the orphanages. I’ll update a prayer list for everyone who will be praying while the team is gone. Just be encouraged – your prayers answered a big request that blessed this girl’s heart.

Africa, I can’t wait to feel my feet on your dirt!


2 thoughts on “Miracles…or everyday things that God has under control

  1. Carla, I am praising the Lord with you. May He continue to smooth the path before you and make you a blessing in ways beyond your dreams.

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