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In just a little over three weeks, I will be boarding a plane headed to Africa. It doesn’t feel real yet, despite the fact that the trip is paid, my tickets are purchased, and I have an ever-growing pile of stuff that I will be packing. I am so excited every time I get an email with new/more information about this opportunity. I feel like I can’t contain it.

I am writing now with a plea for your continued help.

We have a draft list of what we hope to bring to the orphanages as part of our trip. It looks like we will be visiting three (3) orphanages in Rwanda and four (4) orphanages/children projects in Ethiopia. (Although one of the orphanages in Rwanda has nearly 600 children and one group in Ethiopia works with more than 200 children.) There are a number of tangible items I am collecting to give to these groups:

  1. Clothing – mostly for children, but there are a number of teens in some of the orphanages
  2. Twin bed sheets
  3. Mosquito nets (New! added 12/7)
  4. Newborn diapers (New! added 12/7)
  5. Shoes
  6. Soap
  7. Toothbrushes
  8. Toothpaste
  9. Shampoo
  10. Pens, pencils
  11. Pencil sharpeners (like the little individual ones)

This is just the start of this list. I’ll try to update it as I learn more about the specific needs of the children/orphanages.

So, my dear friend who has already given so much to support me in this trip, how can you help? First, if you want to provide any items off of the list above, leave a comment (or email me or message me on Facebook) and we’ll get in touch. I’ll come pick up any donations to these items. Ethiopian Airlines has a limit of 50 lbs for bags, so lighter stuff is better (i.e. a suitcase full of soap would be awesome, but slightly impractical.)

Second, Community Baptist Church has graciously offered to match donations for a gift that will go to the orphanages (up to a total of $250). I’d really like to use this gift to buy towels for the students that are part of Project 61. Project 61 is serving 250 kids (Ethiopia).  (If you haven’t heard of Project 61, like me before learning about them for this trip, check out their site. It’s an awesome organization.) As we recently learned, the sponsored children attending boarding school don’t have their own towels. It would be nice to give them a way to dry off after showers. I am heartbroken that something that I so easily and often take for granted every morning, they don’t have at all. We think that towels are only $2/each in Ethiopia, so with your gift we can provide towels for those students ($500 total). Please consider providing towels to these students. You can send your tax-deductible gift to Community Baptist Church with a note in the memo line that this gift is to benefit the African Orphanages/Carla to:

Community Baptist Church
956 South Old Dixie Highway
Bunnell, FL 32110

I am also asking for prayer (I’m so needy in this post! Sorry). My passport was sent into the State Department in late August. I still haven’t received it. I called the State Department on Monday and they said it’s still processing. I’m trying to remember that God called me to go and I’m supposed to go, but these little details feel so pesky. Please join Evan and me in praying that it comes in — and soon.

Short summary: Need clothes, shoes, toiletries, school supplies, donations to buy towels. Oh, and prayer for my passport!


3 thoughts on “Needs list

  1. Hello Carla,
    I sent a check to Visiting Orphans yesterday designated for your trip. I hope they process it quickly. Am praying about your passport. Waiting is so difficult. No wonder the psalmists wrote about it often. I read today that waiting is “a continuous state of anticipation that God will hear and act.”

    Your new friend,
    Joyce L Gibson

  2. Joyce, thank you so much! That’s so generous of you! And thanks for the prayer – waiting is definitely difficult. It’s admitting that God has control and I do not. 🙂

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