He always know what we need

The pumpkin pie I so enjoyed last night has enacted its revenge with insomnia early this morning. I am, thus, awake.

So it’s me and God this morning. It’s quiet in the house (aside from the tap-tap-tap of my keyboard). I’m a morning person. It’s easier for me to be awake early than to try to stay up late. What is it about mornings that is so still and peaceful?

I am trying to understand God’s ways. I know I can’t, but I still try. What’s next for us? What’s His bigger plan? How does this all fit together? Are we being obedient to His call?

I know this is all beyond my comprehension and when it’s time for me to know, I will know.

Most of all, I’m grateful for a God that knows exactly what we need and provides it in perfect time.


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