day 41.

I think it’s safe to say that my season of waiting has ended. It was so reassuring to have God’s voice speak so clearly about the direction we’re supposed to take. It’s also terrifying at the same time because it will require that we have “faith to move mountains” in a lot of areas of our lives. Despite the scary reality of the situation (in a lot respects), I have this crazy peace. I definitely have those moments when I worry or I doubt, but I know that God has prepared us for this opportunity, and I want it.

At the same time that we learned and accepted the upcoming changes, we were studying the Israelites crossing the Jordan. They had just wandered for 40 years. Their beloved leader had died. Now Joshua was appointed to be their leader. He enthusiastically took up the call. Having a good report from the spies, Joshua was prepared to take the land that God had promised to His people. There was just one thing between the people and their land: the Jordan River.

There’s about a four-month period of a flood season for the Jordan. Any other time of the year, it is relatively shallow. During the flood season, the water can be between 10 and 17 feet deep. The width of the river varies between 90 to 100 feet. Of course, God calls them to cross the Jordan during its flood season.

God gives the specific instructions. The priests with the Ark of the Covenant will go before the nearly two million people. They will dip their feet in the water and the water will be “cut off, and the waters which are flowing down from above shall stand in one heap.” (Joshua 3:13). Then, the people will cross the Jordan on dry land. These are the instructions that God gives them.

Not to build a dam themselves.

Not to wait until the dry season.

Not to find a place that’s more convenient for getting across.

As we know, God does what He says He will do: His people, all of them, cross on dry land. He does this because He wants His people to believe that He will do greater things in the land of Canaan:

Joshua said, “By this you shall know that the living God is among you, and that He will assuredly dispossess from before you the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Perizzite, the Girgashite, the Amorite, and the Jebusite.” (Joshua 3:10)

God does something extraordinary to prove to them that He will take care of them with even bigger things. Not that God hasn’t already proven Himself to them time and time again throughout the 40 years. (Remember the manna and quail?)

Sometimes God calls us to have the faith that He will do extraordinary things so that we’re prepared for the next phenomenal thing He wants to do. He doesn’t ask us to do any miracles. Just that we would have the faith that He will do the miracle. It’s not about us, our abilities, our skills, our knowledge, or any of that. It’s about God continually wanting to prove that He is our God.

So in our new situation, my prayer has become: Lord, will You give me the faith to believe that You will move the Jordan again?


2 thoughts on “day 41.

  1. Carla – I have never been to a blog site before so I did not know what to expect – is what I am reading all of what you have written (I’m quite impressed) – You have made me curious about blogging in general (perhaps it might be something for me to do ??)

    In any case I will hopfully set my eyes on this site periodically and see what you are “thinking”


  2. Yeah, a blog is a place to write all kinds of things. Some people write on cooking or TV or whatever. This blog originally started as a place for me to log inspirational things (moments, poems, hymns, quotes, songs) that i found (sort of as a writing exercise as well as an opportunity to “think of these things”), but has become a place for me to explore the scriptures and how they apply to specific moments of my day or what I’m going through. As you can probably tell, I don’t actually write every day, but I’m try to be consistent about it (at least 2-3 times per week).

    I think a blog would be a great thing for you! 🙂

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