day 31.

In my previous post, I wrote about the God Who Wastes Nothing. And then I  started thinking about the witnesses in the Bible who are great examples of this:

Paul – The Apostle Paul is perhaps the strongest example of this. Prepared as a Pharisee, a Hebrew of Hebrews, Paul was a persecutor of the faith until Jesus called him to become His instrument. But all those years of academic training to be a teacher of the law, the pedigree, the Roman citizenship, all was used for God’s glory – His divine plan that seemed to be a waste. Paul is the author of a majority of the books in the New Testament and one of the most influential Christian leaders.

Peter – Jesus called Peter, an uneducated fisherman, to be one of His disciples. Not only one of the twelve, but one of the three closest to Jesus. Peter was among the more outspoken disciples. His routine usual involved sticking his foot in his mouth. (Remember the “Get behind me Satan” comment…yeah, not so stellar). But Jesus called Peter not only to be a disciple, but to be the rock on which Christ would build His church. In fact, in Acts, the Holy Spirit is made more evident by the fact that Peter is uneducated. It had to be God for the crowds to accept “his” sermon. Ultimately martyred for the cause of Christ, Peter exhibited his faith every day, which is evident in Acts, 1 Peter, and 2 Peter.

Esther – Esther was an orphan raised by her cousin Mordecai. Called to be a member of King Xerxes’ harem, Esther probably could not fathom that God would use her status to save the nation of Israel from impending destruction. But God used her family, her status as queen, and her favor with the King to save His people.

Joseph – Dismissed by his family, sold into slavery, wrongly accused, imprisoned, Joseph maintained his faith in God despite circumstances that would break others in his place. Yet, God was faithful to work together every strand of Joseph’s story. He become a key member of the Egyptian kingdom and saved his family from destruction.

Job – Job lost his wealth, his family, and his health. All seemed to be purposeless and without reason. But God was working on Job’s behalf to help Job know Who is sovereign. His story inspires so many who are going through overwhelming and unthinkable challenges.

Countless others in the Bible speak to the goodness of the God Who Wastes Nothing. Moreover, there are so many modern examples — far too many, in fact, to list. Our God is always working on our behalf to create beauty in ashes, to show us His great love for us. Sometimes we choose not to recognize it as that. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the bad of circumstances, rather than looking deeper to see God’s hand at work. It is beyond our comprehension that something as terrible as being an orphan or sold into slavery or losing your family would someday be used by God, but it will.

He is faithful.


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