day 23.

do you ever rush through the moment? i’m always in a hurry to get to some destination. usually, it’s just general every day rushing – trying to get to work, going to a meeting, getting home, walking the dog. i’m always thinking about the next place i need to be. rushing, rushing, rushing. maybe it’s just my personality.

but sometimes doesn’t it feel like everyone is rushing?

more recently, it’s been a larger existential rushing. as if there’s someplace i’m supposed to be at the age of 26. it seems when you feel pressure to be at some place by this age, you find all the stories that highlight the number of successful 25 year-olds. ugh.

yeah, i guess it’s true what they say about a  quarter-life crisis.

how do you let go of rushing? how do you let go of the idea that you’re supposed to be somewhere by some point in your life? can you?

so i’ve arrived at the conclusion that maybe it’s not supposed to be our responsibility:

Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established. (Proverbs 16:3)

i need to trust the Lord to enjoy each moment and not worry about the destination.


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