day seven.

As I was reading for my quiet time, I came across this amazing quote:

So, where has God “planted” you? Are you a missionary in Africa living in a mud hut? Are you in a rural community of 39 people or in a metropolis of millions? Wherever God puts you, He has a purpose. Whatever the situation, it is an opportunity to “go on” and bear fruit for His kingdom. However difficult the circumstances, He will enable you to accomplish something for Him as you look to Him and focus on being useful to Him and to others. (Elizabeth George, Loving God with All Your Mind, 2005, p. 141).

Sometimes it feels like God has dropped us off in the middle of the desert and we’re just left to die there. But, that’s not the truth. God has purposesly put each of us where we are in terms of geography, family, relationships, church, temporally, etc. He has reviewed all of the details and divinely created us where we are in our lives. He oversees the plan for our lives to our own betterment. Above all, He is good.

Early in the chapter, Elizabeth George highlights the life of Joseph. Joseph endured so much that would have broken the spirit and persistence of many people. But he continued on despite┬áthe circumstances. He probably felt discouraged and forgotten, but he was confident that the purpose of God was working on his behalf, and that allowed him to pursue the God’s desires above his own comfort, wishes, and plans.

It’s never random.


2 thoughts on “day seven.

  1. A am doing a study of the Old Testament (Ahe Taste of Tora) and today (Dec 7) I was reading about Joseph. I too came away with the sense that noting is random and everything in my past life has prepared me for today – and today is preparing me for tomorrow.

  2. I love the phrase, The God Who Waste Nothing. I think it’s a beautiful thought. God is all the time working in our lives to prepare us for the next step. We haven’t any thing in our lives that wasn’t divinely approved and appointed.

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